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Next retreat: Friday 16 February - Sunday 18 February 2024

Andalucía, Spain - near Compéta

Soul Lab is a highly-curated retreat experience designed to facilitate rapid growth and transformation in three days. The retreat combines elements of somatics, circle work, sound healing, breathwork and plant medicine – all powerful modalities in their own right. Joined together in one streamlined weekend experience, the potency of each modality is amplified.

What our ancestors knew millenia ago has reemerged into the collective mind of the human race. There are certain Master Plants & Fungi that produce natural entheogens that when consumed bring us closer to the wonders and mysteries of life, putting us in touch with the unseen world around us and taking us on a profound inner journey.

After centuries of repression, the tremendous healing power of psilocybin (aka: magic mushrooms) has surfaced into the mainstream medical community. Numerous studies have proven without fail that this medicine has the ability to improve mental health, assist in personal growth and spark spiritual awakenings.

Psilocybin shows us the truth. It shows us what is real. When we come into contact with the truth, we are able to transcend the limitations of our conditioning, clearing a path for hope, joy and connection.  This medicine meets you where you are. It will only show you what you’re ready and capable to deal with and work on.

Psilocybin activates dormant neural pathways, giving us the ability to interpret our realities from a fresh, positive perspective. The medicine invites us out of our old patterns of thinking, and into a new paradigm of self-realization and purpose.

We are proudly offering this sacred medicine in a safe, nurturing and inspirational retreat environment in the south of Spain. Our retreats are held in a private, secure villa nestled in nature, with group size averaging between 10-16. 

Your two guides Casya & Dana are experienced, trauma-informed psychonauts with a diverse range of professional experience.The primary spoken language of the retreat is English, however fluent Spanish and Hebrew translation is available. We fully welcome adult humans of all races, religions, genders and sexual orientations.

16-18 February 2024

Price: €444, shared bedroom

€500, private bedroom

*These prices are significantly discounted for THIS RETREAT ONLY, as this is the first retreat we are offering in this configuration and in this location.

The 3-day, 2-night retreat includes:

  • Pre-retreat video consultation with one of the guides
  • Two nights private or shared accommodation at a pristine villa near Compéta, Andalucía
  • 5 nourishing vegan meals + snacks and drinks
  • 8 hours of guided movement, breathwork & therapeutic activities during the retreat
  • One-on-one prep session the day of the ceremony with one of the guides
  • Breathwork Journey
  • Healing Shamanic Sound Bath
  • Optional Psilocybin Ceremony 
  • Ongoing integration support when the retreat is over

What’s not included:

Travel expenses, transportation, optional coaching session. This is an alcohol and cannabis-free environment. Tobacco can be consumed in the designated area only.

Your Guides

Dana Cohen Baron

Dana Cohen Baron is a strategic consultant in the IT industry with over 20 years of experience running her own consulting business. She participates in mentoring startups, teaches IT workshops and speaks at conferences internationally. 

Dana was born in Argentina and moved to Israel with her family when she was 14. Until the age of 40 she ticked all the ‘right’ boxes – had a successful career, a beautiful house, a wonderful family. She was an overachiever, a super rational down-to-earth woman. But something felt off. 

Dana’s life took a turn when she decided to take a year off and travel the world with her spouse and three kids with zero plans. The purpose of this trip was self-discovery – to open up, explore, discover what makes her tick, connect, listen deeply to herself and work from the inside out. 

During this journey, Dana tried psychoactives for the first time, which opened up a hidden universe that allowed her to acquire deep insights and discover ancient wisdom that was patiently waiting in her soul to be awakened. These insights were then gradually integrated into her day-to-day life to create a more harmonious lifestyle combining all the pieces of the puzzle. 

Her mission is to bring a similar arch of transformation to others hailing from more traditional backgrounds. Guiding others to contact their own innate wisdom is Dana’s path to help save the world. She is highly experienced as a guide, accompanying others through deep inner journeys. She has the ability to create the space for magic to happen while making participants feel completely safe and held. She effortlessly bridges the boundary between the ‘normal’ physical world of life/work and the inspiring mysteries of the unseen realms that exist all around and through us.

Dana believes that the psychedelic journey is only the beginning of the process, and that the real work happens during the integration phase – the journey after the journey. She knows that integrating a journey is the key to psychedelic work, and it can mean the difference between a transformational life experience and some distant memory of a really special/weird night. Whether a trip happened alone, with friends, in a formal ceremony or in a clinical setting, processing these experiences properly is incredibly valuable – distilling the wisdom of the adventure and bringing it fully into day-to-day life to create a lasting shift that stands the test of time.

Casya Childers

Casya specializes in therapeutic coaching and healing that weaves together a variety of modalities and techniques. Her day job? She works mostly online with clients suffering from trauma and anxiety, guiding them through profound and often rapid transformations. 

Her worldview is rich and diverse. She was raised in small-town USA, spent most of her adult life in refugee settlements in the Himalayas, and has traveled extensively all over the world studying spirituality and engaging in service work. She has collected an array of intense life lessons, therapeutic skills and went through her own full-blown spiritual initiation via kundalini awakening.

Casya believes that the path forward for the human race is to facilitate individual awakening. The old paradigms of social change – protest, war and mass movements – are outdated. The new paradigm is internal – if enough people engage open-heartedly in their own inner healing and awaken their gifts, the collective consciousness of the entire planet will hit a critical mass, and we will enter an era of greater peace, harmony and abundance for all.

A powerful trauma-informed community leader and facilitator, Casya curates life-altering therapeutic workshops that draw from both the academic and metaphysical worlds, focusing on the point where science and spirituality merge. She loves working with people and groups who are committed to the path of self-inquiry and personal development, and specializes in identification and subsequent elimination of major blocks to growth.

Casya is passionate about guiding people deep into their subconscious to uncover hidden patterns and threads, and then collaborating to develop a bespoke healing experience to process past events and move forward with a sense of understanding and completion, aligned with their ideal future.

Born in the USA, Casya now lives on the coast of Southern Spain with her young son. She began her career as a high school educator, famously moving on to develop the Tibet Women’s Soccer charity in India, where she served as Executive Director for seven years. She helped to transform the status of women within the Tibetan refugee community, and today thousands of Tibetan girls have access to team sports amidst a shifting gender paradigm. 

After leaving India, Casya began formal training in various spiritual and therapeutic tools, bringing in elements of somatics, shadow work, emotional rewiring and hypnosis. She is a long-time vipassana meditator, kundalini yogi, studied at Las Piramides del Ka at Lake Atitlan and has undertaken countless psychedelic journeys over the past 25 years as both participant and guide.

Casya holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education & Indigenous Studies from Monmouth University and completed her regression certificate studies with the Past Life Awakening Institute, accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM). She is certified by the American Union of Neuro-Linguistic Programming as a Life Coach. She is currently undergoing training to become a certified Group Field Facilitator.

Casya co-authored the book The Camino Provides: A Curious Guide to the Camino del Norte, a deeply insightful memoir of her transformational journey walking across Spain on the Camino de Santiago.

How to apply?

  1. Fill out the application form.
  2. We will contact you to set up a brief video call to connect and answer questions.
  3. Submit your deposit and your space is booked. You’ll receive pre-retreat preparation advice, reading list, recommended films, etc.
  4. Book your travel arrangements on your own – ask us if you need help.
  5. Arrive the first day of the retreat between 2- 4pm.
  6. Standard departure is at 1pm on the final day of the retreat.
  7. Become part of our community web and enjoy the integration of the magic into your life.

What can I expect?

Imagine gathering with a small group of like-minded people, each with their own story, their own hopes and dreams. The villa, located in the enchanting mountains of Andalucia and surrounded by forest, is serene and secure. You are warmly welcomed by your hosts, made to feel at home from the moment you arrive.

The journey begins on the first night. We sit in circle, opening to the power of the group field. Listening, Sharing. Moving. Breathing. We ground our energy with somatic exercises. We build trust and rapport. We get clear on our intentions. Your burning questions are answered. Your thoughts and feelings receive space to come forth and express themselves. Each participant is allotted some one-on-one time with one of the guides as the others rest, journal or go for a refreshing swim in the heated pool. We share a beautiful home-cooked organic meal, and listen to the whispers of the ancient breeze as the moon rises and we open our hearts to the revelations of tomorrow.

A hearty breakfast of local specialties awaits in the early morning. Some gentle movement leads into a breathwork journey lasting about 90 minutes. A light refreshment of fruit and homemade chai is followed by a period of silence, with our energies turning inward. 

As the sun begins to dip lower in the sky, we clear the ceremonial space and receive the medicine. We surrender into an hour-long shamanic sound bath, the perfect companion to bring you into the deep layers of your being while clearing stagnant energy in your body.

Your journey is your own. Whatever arises, you will be held, supported and guided as little or as much as needed. You may have periods of silence, sitting alone in the garden or laying out under the stars. You may have an urge to talk or interact with your companions, sharing deep revelations or tuning in to your natural ability to help heal yourself or others. You may even feel the urge to move your body, stretching, dancing or walking. 

We believe that whatever arises during the ceremony is a function of the medicine. It is there for you to learn from and be inspired by. Everything is an invitation for evolution or healing.

As the ceremony closes, we gather again in gratitude to the medicine, to each other and most importantly ourselves. A hearty meal of nourishing soup, salad and bread will be available before bedtime.

The morning begins slowly with a beautiful buffet breakfast.  After a light hike in nature, the final circle convenes, a time to share our experiences and insights, and to discuss the importance of integration. We support one another to bring our new wisdom back into normal life in unexpected ways, ensuring the benefits of the retreat will continue to expand long after your departure.

After your departure, as you return to your home and life, you will find you’ve become a member of a caring, nurturing community of fellow conscious humans. You will have access to your guides for ongoing support as you process your experience, and the conversations will continue within the group field via private social media channels.

Time will tell just how the experience will change you. You may find that depressive tendencies will lose their grip. Anxious patterns of thought and feeling may become less invasive or even disappear entirely. Your relationships could experience a profound shift. Your grief may have lifted. Your sense of self and purpose is often restored.

However the magic manifests within YOU, it will be undeniable.

Frequenty Asked Questions


Do I need to have experience in order to attend?

This retreat is appropriate for newcomers to psychedelics, as well as experienced psychonauts. Whatever your level of experience, you will be honored and valued. You will be met where you are.

What kinds of issues or goals can be addressed at this retreat?

The possibilities are vast. Some examples:

  • Gain clarity around a big life decision
  • Face unresolved trauma & alchemize it into wisdom
  • Understand and clear a blockage that might be keeping you stuck
  • Uncover what it is you really want and uncover the path
  • Connect with your purpose
  • Examine your challenges from a totally fresh perspective you weren’t able to previously access
  • Open up your capacity to feel an array of emotions you may have been suppressing
  • Discover the deeper meaning of your existence & your role in this lifetime
  • Transcend emotional or physical pain and transform it into positive action


How will the psilocybin interact with my medications?

We are not doctors or medical professionals. We require that you consult with your doctor regarding any possible drug interactions or other medical conditions that may be contraindicated for psilocybin usage. Your decision is between you and your doctor.

What happens if I have a bad trip?

We believe there is no such thing as a bad trip. The vast majority of psychedelic journeys are positive and even fun. Most negative experiences arise when the medicine is taken in a hostile or inappropriate environment, without proper care and reverence, or is combined with other substances. Sometimes, even in the safest ceremonial spaces, uncomfortable sensations and emotions can arise. This is an opportunity to face certain realities you may have been suppressing or misinterpreting, move the stuck energy out of your body, and alchemize it into wisdom and positive change. You will be fully supported by your trauma-informed guides should any emotional challenges arise. This is our specialty. This is our magic. 

Do I have to share my feelings and experience with the group?

Absolutely not. All group activities are purely invitations – invitations to share and connect verbally about your inner journey and its meaning in your life. If you’re not feeling it, you are always free to decline the invitation to share, and simply lend your presence in the circle as a listener.

Is it legal?

Psilocybin belongs to Annex I of the UN Convention on Psychotropic Substances, which Spain signed in 1978. As a result, the law prohibits the sale of psychedelic mushrooms for profit.

However, the possession, use and personal cultivation of dried or fresh magic mushrooms are decriminalized in Spain.

Am I culturally appropriating indigenous medicine?

The use of psychoactive mushrooms was well-established in the indigenous cultures of Europe, Africa, the Americas, Australia and much of Asia. Their ceremonial usage is truly a global phenomenon, and various species of psilocybin-containing mushrooms are still found in the wild in most ecosystems of the world.

The oldest evidence of the ritual use of magic mushrooms is portrayed in rock-paintings in central Spain. We are serving this medicine on land where it was used for at least the last 9,000 years, and both of your guides have Iberian Peninsular ancestry.

We serve this medicine with reverence for its wisdom, power and those who came before us.

What if I have dietary restrictions?

We are happy to accommodate your dietary needs. Let us know in your application form.

Are private ceremonies available?

Yes. We are happy to arrange custom private ceremonies for individuals, couples or small groups. We are also open to traveling to alternative locations. Let’s talk about it.

Can I have some privacy?

During the ceremony you will have the opportunity to stay in silence and be alone, or be more interactive within the group. Most participants enjoy a bit of both during the course of the few hours. It is a natural flow and your preferences will be supported.

As for sleeping space, we provide options for lower-priced shared rooms as well as private rooms for a slightly higher cost.

Do I really need to do this to heal or progress in my personal development?

No. Definitely not. We believe there are many paths to healing and awakening. Many people choose to use plant medicine as a powerful tool to boost, expedite and guide their journey. But in the end, the medicine is just one piece to the puzzle. It’s up to you how you choose to carry your newfound knowledge forward in your life.

This retreat is designed to take you beyond intellectual understanding of yourself. Unlike traditional talk therapy, the modalities we use help you access a deeper level of knowing, taking you into the wisdom of your body, your nervous system, your emotions and your subconscious. Many say it’s like ten years of traditional therapy in one weekend.

I’m not sure if I’m ready to commit. Can we talk?

Absolutely yes. Please fill out the application form even if you’re not sure. Then we can schedule a call to connect and get all your questions answered before you make your decision.

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