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Discover collective healing

Discover collective healing

Group Field

What is the Group Field?

You’ve felt it before

Have you ever sat around the fire with others, collectively transfixed by the power of the flame? Totally in the present moment. Comfortable in periods of silence. The words that are spoken, are spoken with purpose and depth.

Imagine consciously harnessing that power

The magic of group field work begins when individuals gather with intention, vulnerability and trust. Our open-hearted presence with one another creates a space to be seen in our truth. And from truth, flows the most healing medicine known to man – love.

Cassie was facilitating the group field many years before she knew this magic had a name. It started simply as a young classroom teacher, honing her awareness for those totally organic moments when a student asks a certain question that evokes wonder – the perfect teachable moment remembered for a lifetime – the lessons coming from the synergetic wisdom of the collective group of students themselves – not some textbook or lesson plan.

Cassie’s path

The path was sealed during her time working with young refugee women from Tibet at long-format empowerment camps in India. Solely following her intuition, Cassie developed her abilities to create intimate group spaces with intention and care, first focusing on trust building, authentic communication and consent. Cassie taught herself how to anticipate the widespread impact of trauma on her participants, recognize the signs and symptoms and create spaces where everyone could feel physically and psychologically safe. After seven years, her talents matured to the point where she knew her skill at creating transformative experiences must be carried forward into the next phase of her work.

The Inner Alchemy Experience

A group program, custom-tailored to your unique requirements. 

IAE is a spiritual and personal development retreat designed to be held on-site at your location. 

Your resort, center or company contracts Cassie to come in and take your clients on a profound journey inside themselves, IAE is suitable for practitioners of all levels – and is especially impactful for beginners on the  spiritual or self-development path. We work with teens and college students, mid and high-end clientele, all the way up to senior citizen groups. 

This profound group field program combines elements of:

  • transformational coaching
  • emotional rewiring
  • meditation instruction
  • group cohesion and team building
  • art therapy
  • ecstatic dance
  • somatic awareness
  • healing hypnotic journeys
  • spiritual philosophy
  • personal empowerment
  • guided therapeutic hiking
  • past life regression therapy
  • kundalini work
  • breathwork
  • cacao ceremony
  • blue lotus ceremony
  • despacho ceremony
  • one on one private sessions

What a typical retreat can look like:

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Tailored retreat

Each retreat is unique, and we can add or subtract different elements based on your preferences and timetables. We can dial the spiritual aspects up or down. We can make it suitable for more corporate environments, or tailor it for deep spiritual seekers. During our initial consultation, we will assess the needs and levels of your group to put together the most impactful program possible. The theme, mission or goal of your company or group can be fully integrated into the offerings.

This is for you if

• You own a hotel, resort or retreat space and are ready to fill your schedule with inspiring programming.
• Your company or organization is organizing a conference or retreat to build group cohesion and employee satisfaction
• You’re organizing a group trip
• You manage a school, camp, or college program and are looking for incredible add-ons to your existing offerings

Pricing is fully custom and is calculated based on

•  length of retreat
•  group size
•  travel costs
•  daily timetable
•  private sessions


Location is not a problem - we are willing to travel. It is also possible for us to arrange the venue for you on the Costa Tropical in southern Spain.


Depending on the nature of the custom program, Cassie may bring in or collaborate with other local facilitators on various aspects of the retreat. Cassie can work together with practitioners you may already have on site, such as yoga teachers or massage therapists.

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